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Otsikko Sijainti
Avoin hakemus-Rakennusalan toimihenkilö Uusimaa
Avoin hakemus - Rakennusala Uusimaa
Elementtiasentaja Helsinki Uusimaa, Helsinki
Muottikirvesmies Porvoo Itä-Uusimaa, Porvoo
Maalari Espoo Uusimaa, Espoo
Maalari Vantaa Uusimaa, Vantaa
Etuputsari Vantaa Uusimaa, Vantaa
LVI-asentaja Helsinki Uusimaa, Helsinki
Muottitimpuri Vantaa Uusimaa, Vantaa
Maanrakennustyöntekijä Itä-Uusimaa, Porvoo
Muottitimpuri Kilpilahti Itä-Uusimaa, Porvoo, Uusimaa
Alakattoasentajia Uusimaa, Helsinki
Rappaaja Uusimaa, Helsinki
Kirvesmies Helsinki Uusimaa, Helsinki
LVI-asentaja Espoo Uusimaa, Vantaa
Aloitteleva rakennustyöntekijä Porvoo Itä-Uusimaa, Porvoo
Vuosikorjaustyöntekijä Kalasatama Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa
Muurari Laajasalo Helsinki Uusimaa, Helsinki
Elementtiasentajia Uusimaa, Espoo, Helsinki

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Требуются профессиональные плиточники для работы в Хельсинки, Эспоо и Вантаа.

Конкретные задачи и часовая зарплата определяются в соответствии с заявленными у кандидата навыками, знаниями и опытом.

Что предлагаем:

Полностью белую зарплату
Все обязательные страховки
Свой представитель профсоюза
Экипировка, одежда
Мы всегда найдем вам работу, также вы можете менять по желанию рабочие объекты
Контактное лицо на русском языке

Присылайте ваше резюме и короткое описание навыков на электронную почту или +358406606767
Жумляков Дмитрий

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Oltiin kovalla rosterilla Kuopion raksafutis turnauksessa ⚽️💪⚽️ 2019 haettiin kokemusta ja 2020 menestystä 😂 ...

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For Companies

Staffing service

We want to be known for our customer-oriented service and professional workforce. Personal experience of the construction industry helps us find the right workers for your needs.

Worksite logistics

We will create an efficient logistical service in cooperation with worksite managers. Catered to specific work site needs, we will provide you with internal logistics, work site cleanup and work site safety services.

Recruitment services

Boost your company’s recruitment. We will conduct searches according to your needs. Our vast network will help you find active and passive applicants.

Contact us

Contact us via phone or e-mail. Our offices are located in Säterintie 16, Helsinki and we are open Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm.

Our areas of expertise


We mainly operate in Southern Finland and we are delighted to offer you the best possible manpower to your building sites.


We constantly recruit professionals from different fields of expertise on construction area such as electricians and HVAC professionals.


We are totally aware of the challenges of modern infrastructure and all it’s challenging expertise. We also know about the challenges of different construction seasons.


Call us when you need construction assistance
(All emails are



Petri Juotasniemi
+358 40 869 7474


Jarmo Manninen
+358 40 593 7474


Marit Åvall
+358 40 136 7474


Jarno Kasper
+358 400 276 979


Ilmo Jokelainen
+358 40 023 6488

Markus Kemell

Markus Kemell
+358 40 671 7777


Mikko Karimaa
+358 400 902 695



Ilmo Jokelainen
+358 40 023 6488


Heidi Pulliainen
+358 400 236 788



Jarmo Manninen
+358 40 593 7474


Petri Juotasniemi
+358 40 869 7474


Anne-Mari Heikkinen
+358 40 514 3999


Säterintie 16 (Pukinmäki train station 100m) 00720 Helsinki